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Choosing the right online listing platforms

No competitive local business would give up the powerful — and largely free — advertising potential of online listings but it’s important to maximize your ROI by allocating staff hours efficiently.

Creating local business listings can be toilsome and boring.

It’s exciting to get your best data together in a spreadsheet but it isn’t all that fun to enter that data over and over again into the forms of the various platforms. This has led to the rise of automated solutions for active location data management. These solutions allow you to fill out a single form, distributing your data to high-quality platforms and continuously monitoring it for progress and any changes. You can always supplement your automated push to the majors with a small investment of time in building listings on geo/industry-specific platforms, but the fact is that automation lightens the load, reduces human error, and leaves your team free to focus on more creative projects. Are you ready to join the revolution? We know we are.