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Our Website Services 

Website Design

Our designs include hosting for all websites that we build and manage. Website plans also include access to our Digital Mermaid Marketing dashboard. This dashboard enables you to see all your website traffic data and marketing efforts in one spot.  

Website Development

We offer professional web development services, for businesses, e-commerce, and blogs. Our web services also include domain registration and hosting services. 

Website Design

We work with all of our clients to achieve websites that comprise a balance of design, functionality, and branding. 

Branding & Logo

Making sure your website becomes a hub for your brand is part of our mission. In a digital strategy, your website is the nucleus. Your website is the center of your brand and should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. We will make sure your brand and mission are clear through your site. 

Content Strategy

We develop content for our clients that’s engaging and educates your customers and potential clients on why to choose you. In the digital marketing space, content is king, and for this reason the strategy behind it is extremely important.  

Built From Scratch

 We build all our websites in a way so we can make ongoing adjustments as technologies change. Keeping your site up to date and optimized to get more leads and never have to rebuild your site is our mission. 

Maintenance & Updates

All of our websites come with a maintenance plan and access to our online marketing and hosting dashboards. Using our tools and guides you can start creating a marketing plan that drives traffic and growth. 

Choose a Premade Template

We have pre-built content that is optimized for best performance. 

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