What is Search Engine Marketing?

What does SEO, PPC, and SEM actually mean and how will it help my web traffic and business marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is divided into two main areas, paid advertising and free advertising. Yes! Free advertising is a thing!

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have an algorithm that they use to determine the best results for a users search phrase. Some of these search phrases can be vague, like “coffee shop” or very specific like “where can I get a large vanilla latte,” and each phrase is entered by the user trying to find the content to answer their question. 

Most business owners understand that they need to come up on internet searches, but many don’t realize the “how” to do it successfully. If we take Google searches for instance, you have three locations on the page in which you can show up on top results.  You can pay for ads and have an ad position. You can rank in the organic sections, or in the local search and map pages. Search engines try to get the best results for the user, so if you can successfully hit all three you have a greater chance of getting that user and converting them into clients. 


Local Listings


Local listings act as the phone book listings of the internet. They are a huge part of how search engines deem your website important to their search results. If your business is not listed on online directories, your company may well be invisible. Examples of local listings include Yahoo, Bing, and Google Business pages. These pages are free to join. Some pages you can manually edit, while others require verification. It is important that your local listings are accurate. If your listings are accurate, your chances of ranking on the maps section of a search engine is greatly enhanced. 

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Understanding Paid Ads and How They Work.

Paid Ads usually appear at the top and bottom of a search engines results page. Many search engines give multiple ways in which to advertise. If you’re using Google Ads, you can either set up your ads and testing using their platform or let Google’s AI take over a market for you. We highly recommend using an agency to help you with your ads. An agency can offer more in the way of creating a better user experience for your customers that can lead to more conversations. More conversations mean more sales for you.

Reviews help you rank on the top. Engaging with your clients is a great way to rank higher on search engines. 

Our SEO Services 

We offer SEO services, our services include putting your business listing across the internet and also helping you protect those listings by offering reputation management. We do this by making sure your listings are visible, and we help develop marketing tools for your business based on your location, website and by helping you run traffic to your site. 

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