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The Hub of Your Business Online is Your Website


Many consumers today who are looking to find your business or to learn about your business and the products and/or services you provide look to your website first.

This may be because they’ve seen your name somewhere; or because a friend or family member mentioned your name; or because your business appeared in a search result. Word of mouth marketing has evolved to where consumers want to fact check your services online and back their purchase decisions with reviews.

What they do when they arrive on your website determines whether or not they stay on your website and dig deeper or whether they leave or exit your website right away. Business owners all know they need a website, but rarely do they realize how to use it to create sales or generate leads.

If they discover your business on a social network, chances are, if they’re thinking of doing business with you, the next step for them is to visit your website to learn more.

More importantly, according to Google most people will visit your website while on their mobile device so websites need to function well on all screen sizes. We call this a responsive website. Your business website must offer functionality in order to work well. This could very easily be accomplished by adding booking features for services or selling products directly online. 

 Your Business Website Should Be An Investment!

Looking at your website as a business investment is a better way to look at website development. If your site offers sales or service bookings it can easily make way more in revenue for you then the cost to build it.

Whether you are looking to build your first small business website or make improvements to an existing one, it needn’t cost a small fortune. If you already have a website built on a Content Management System like WordPress, all the better. We use WordPress for all of our sites because there is a tremendous amount of development going on for this application. According to Google, 25% of all websites are now supported on WordPress.

Of course some businesses require a level of functionality and complexity that is much more expensive, but for many small businesses, this is not the case and we are able to deliver quality based on our market research. If your market changes, our site plans work and can be changed as needed.

The quality of the images and content used on your website along with the layout, design, and functionality are important! Just having a website is not enough. How that website represents your business, your brand, is hugely important. Also how your potential costumers interact with your business is important to the amount of leads and sales it can generate.

Remember, just having a website is not enough, how that website represents your business, your brand, is really the most important part of your marketing. At Digital Mermaid Marketing we call this your hub, its where all your online marketing efforts go to.

It’s not about having all the bells and whistles. In fact, sometimes these can actually hurt the experience visitors have on your website rather than help it. (Especially now that most people use their mobile phone to search and visit websites.) It’s about having the right tools, and these choices are best approached based on research.

The cost to your business of having a solid branded business website is small compared to the advantages. A presence on social media can’t replace having a solid business branded website! Instead we view social media as a way to get to the website. Our views not only come from how we monitor our clients websites, but we also own several of our own small businesses, and we can tell you, most of our sales are generated through our website and not Facebook or other social media sites.



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All of our Marketing plans include content creation and employment. Each plan comes with access to our Social Mermaid and Reputation Management Software.

.com $8.99/yr

.net $8.99/yr

.org $8.99/yr

.gov $8.99/yr

.store $8.99/yr

.info $8.99/yr

.xyz $8.99/yr

.co $8.99/yr

.biz $8.99/yr

.us $8.99/yr

.world $8.99/yr

.live $8.99/yr

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